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    Publish 2.2 - Changelog

    Big loot improvement updates coming next patch.
    + SOS Loot will undergo a large loot upgrade.
    + Level 3-10 Tmaps minimum intensities have been increased. Level 9 and 10 Tmap loot will drop items between 4 and 5 properties guaranteed.
    + ALL Lootpacks min properties and min intensities have been increased.
    + Champ Spawns Artifact drop rates have increased to 10% chance for Unique, 10% chance for Shared, 15% chance for Deco (leaving 35% chance to get something from a Champ Spawn)
    + Champ Spawn completions will now reward 1000 Guild XP (Up from 500)
    + Instanced Dungeon Loot values will be normalized.
    + New Players created after this patch goes live will receive bonus stats/skills to help mitigate the time needed to train.
    + Spell Hues offset has been corrected.
    + Rare crash fix.
    + Luck Bonuses from various sources will now properly display on the status bar.
    + Nightbears will now properly have the Bear sound.
    + Instance Dungeon loot chances are now entirely luck based as opposed to randomly generated throughout the Dungeon.
    + Pen Of Wisdom - New Donation item that allows you to copy the contents of one runebook to another. Multiple charges and requires recall runes and gate scrolls to copy. Pen can be recharged from special dust obtainable in game.
    + SOS Chests now additionally drop Treasure Fragments.
    + Increased the rate in which Tar can be found from Mining considerably and lowered the skill requirement to 80 (down from 100).
    + New Players for a limited duration will spawn with a newbied and non-movable PowerHourReset token with charges on it.
    + Guilds that are created after this patch goes live will automatically receive bonus monster kill experience as part of a catch up mechanic and to promote new Guilds to start. This catch up mechanic will last 2 weeks only.
    + Pirate Raid Instanced dungeon loot has been scaled down, but the set pieces that drop from the instance have been modified and the properties increased.
    + Pen Of Wisdom Dust (to recharge the pen) can be dropped by the Named Dungeon Mobs.
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    Very nice updates!