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    Greetings everyone! With this Publish will come a couple of large changes to the Ultima Shards Multiverse.

    New Features

    Galleons and Piracy

    Players will now be able to create Galleons from special vendors. To do so requires you to purchase Shipwrights Tools from a Ship Provisioner. There, you will be able to build different size boats, cannons, ammo crates, and other supplies and modifications for your ship.

    Now that the seas have become more valuable, pirates have been spotted sailing along the seas in an effort to plunder your ship and steal your treasure.

    Pet Leveling
    Starting from this Publish, all pets that are bonded will be eligible to be leveled. There are currently 10 max levels that each pet can go through, each level increasing the pets Str, Dex, Int, Hits, and Skills by 2%. You can level your pets by fighting them against monsters or other creatures. The harder the monster, the more XP your pet will earn. Depending on your pet, you may not quality for certain monsters to get XP after killing them and you will need to move on to harder targets instead.
    When your pet is fully leveled, it should be 20% stronger than its wild form before statloss from taming.

    Updates and Improvements
    + Fixed light type on stock Jack-o-Lanters house addons.
    + Murderers can no longer gain positive karma and will be capped at 0 nuetral until they reduce their kill count.
    + All players with a kill count above or equal to 5 (murderers) will have their karma reset to 0.
    + Normalize AI Dispel Timers.
    + Increase resistances on various Magery summons.
    + Prevent repetition of messages in Discord.
    + Update client version requirements.
    + Missing pieces on Boats and Galleons have been fixed.
    + Adding Pet leveling and experience.
    + Pirate AI Improvements.
    + Fixed a core issue where multis were not detecting items being dropped or picked up.
    + Vehicles will now properly update their total item count, weight, etc.
    + Sailing over flotsam and other items found floating on water will automatically place them in the Ship's hold (Galleons Only)
    + Balancing of ships crew (workers) and ship cannon damage.
    + Partial item damage status implementation.
    + Vehicles and attachments support for new compact status health bars.