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    Publish 1.9.4 - 12/26/2016

    New Features

    Artifacts and the Doom Gauntlet
    + The Gauntlet in Doom has been removed. Players will no longer be able to acquire Doom Artifacts from the Gauntlet in Doom. Instead, there are now a few different ways players will be able to get their hands on some artifacts.

    Artifacts and the new Primeval Lich spawn in Doom
    + Starting this patch, there will be a new spawn in Doom called the Primeval Lich. This will be located at the original drop in location of Doom as it was in OSI. The Primeval Lich will have 2 unique Artifacts. (Necrotic Hide and Bracelet of the Damned). Completing the spawn will drop one guaranteed Unique artifact and 3 Guaranteed shared artifacts. Unlike normal shared artifacts from other champ spawns, the pool of shared artifacts includes ALL original Doom artifacts, not just the remaining artifacts that aren't part of the Unique pool.

    Artifacts and Champion Spawns
    + Players will now be able to conquer champion spawns for a chance to obtain Doom Artifacts. Each Champion Boss will now have a chance to drop a Unique Artifact and also a chance to drop the remaining artifacts in the list of shared and not unique artifacts. There will be a 5% chance to drop a unique artifact, 5% chance to drop a shared artifact, and 10% chance to drop champion spawn decorations. There will be two exceptions with the shared artifact list. Lord Oaks and the Harrower both will drop a potential full list of artifacts (just like the Primeval Lich), not just doom artifacts minus the Uniques.

    Unique Champion Artifacts List

    Primeval Lich - Bracelet Of The Damned / Necrotic Hide
    Rikktor - Hunter's Headress
    Neira - Midnight Bracers
    Mephitis - Leggings of Bane
    Barracoon - The Dryad Bow
    Semidar - Hat Of The Magi
    Lord Oaks - Acid Proof Robe
    Harrower- Ornate Crown Of The Harrower

    Artifacts, Paragons Artifact Fragments, and Treasure Maps.
    + Starting this patch, paragons will no longer drop Minor Artifacts. Instead, in addition to the Artifact Fragment NPCs, there will be two additional NPCs that you can turn in artifact fragments to. Players will now be able to turn in 10 artifact fragments to get a Minor Artifact, 20 fragments to get TMap deco, or 50 fragments to obtain a major artifact. The minor artifacts are all previous paragon artifacts and the major ones are the entire list of Doom Artifacts.

    Artifact Modifications
    All the following artifacts will now be backwards compatible with artifacts currently in the game. Meaning, there will now be two different versions of these artifacts and players will need to obtain the new ones in order to get the benefits from them.

    Ornate Crown Of The Harrower
    - Regen Stamina
    + 5 Hit Chance Increase

    Berserkers Maul
    - Regen Stamina
    + 50% Hit Mana Leech

    The Dryad Bow
    - Resist Poison
    - Lower Mana Cost
    + 180 Luck
    + Random Slayer

    The Bone Crusher
    - Bonus Str 10
    + 35% Hit Harm

    Misc Enhancements
    + Ancient Lich loot packs have now been increased to match Balrons. Because of this, their health was increased by 200-250.
    + Paragon lootpacks have increased X3 and gold increased from 1.5X to 2X.
    + Created a new boolean on champ spamps that allows us the ability to prevent people from starting a champ spawn with valor (for doom spawn).