Publish 1.9.1

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    Publish 1.9.1

    Dungeon Capture
    + Dungeon Capture progress can now be increased up to 500% with 2 or more guild members on the platform.
    + Guilds controlling Dungeons will now earn Guild Experience from enemy guilds that hunt in those controlled Dungeons.
    + Improved Dungeon Capture alerts and notifications;
    * If a Guild owns a dungeon, they will be alerted at 5% capture progress.
    * A global alert will be sent at 10% capture progress.
    + Add sounds for alerts in Guild Dungeon Capture.

    + Add title/info to Properties Gump header.
    + Critical performance updates for ExtendedOPL.
    + Ter Mur based facets no longer use Desolation season.
    + Automatically stable and claim pets when entering and exiting
    Instanced Dungeons that do not allow pets or mounts.
    + Item Security UI will now close when selecting an option instead of refreshing.
    + Item Security UI will no longer crash clients if the Item's artwork is too big.
    + Fixed Dismount, players will no longer be able to re-mount instantly.
    + Clean-up Doom Regions and logout kick checking.

    + Added ability for Guild Leaders to design their Guild Icon/Avatar.
    + Added ability for Guild Leaders to pick their Guild's Primary and Secondary colors.
    + Improved Guild Dungeon Capture alerts.

    Donation Season 2 (Partial)
    -Removed all Season 1 Shrouds, they are to be replaced with Season 2's Shrouds (Words of Power themed)
    + Added Rideable Polar Bear to donation store.
    + Added a bunch of new Deco Items to the donation store.

    + Update parsing of pet speech commands.
    + Updated Animal Lore UI with more detailed information on bonding time.
    + Added a button to the Animal Lore UI that allows players to use Time Boosts to speed up bonding time.
    + Added advanced pet commands: "all move", "all go", "name move" and "name go" which will allow you to send your pet to a location nearby.
    + Added some logic for the pet "patrol" command, because anything is better than nothing.
    + Pet follow range support now fully working for relevant pet commands, just add a number to the end of your command.
    * To reset your pet's follow range, use a command without a number added to the end.