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    Publish 1.9

    + Removed the possibility to crash client if Guild Leader disbands Guild.

    + Fix for missing house doors

    + Fixed an error when loading a quest region.
    + Potions will now once again give back an empty bottle when consumed.
    + Improved the decay for Death Robes.
    + Added 'Peculiar Seeds' to Terathan Warriors, Mummies, Titans, Juka Mages, Wisps, and Serpentine Dragons.
    + [MyStats gump now displays your Mana/Sec.

    + Fix for various internal item leaks.
    + Disabling reports to reduce CPU and RAM 'lag'.
    + Added a handling of an unknown packet.

    Crafting & Runics & Loot
    + Properties on a weapon when crafting with a Runic Hammer have shifted. More "useless" weapon properties will now be grouped together so only one of those can be chosen. These properties include ("All 5 Resists, Lower Stat Requirement, Durability Bonus, and Elemental Damages."). This will help boost items made by runic items to make them a lot more Bribe-worthy.
    + Modifications have also went in for LOOT found weapons. We have now grouped together ALL the resists on weapons into one group, so you will only see ONE resist on a wep at a time.

    + Prices on Bribery have decreased even further, and this should likely be the last tweak.
    + MAX Cost of Bribing Material on LBODs (Smith) has decreased from 1,850,000 to 1,450,000.
    + MAX Cost of Bribing Amount on LBODs (Smith) has decreased from 950,000 to 725,000.
    + Cost of Bribing Exceptional Quality on LBODs (Smith) has decreased from 750,000.

    + MAX Cost of Bribing Material on SBODs (Smith) has decreased from 425,000 to 287,500.
    + MAX Cost of Bribing Amount on SBODs (Smith) has decreased from 325,000 to 250,000.
    + Cost of Bribing Exceptional Quality on SBODs (Smith) has decreased from 250,000 to 175,000.

    New System - Spellbook Attunement
    + Added Luck to the possible properties list on spellbooks.
    + Magery past GM now influences Intensity on properties when the spellbook is crafted. Before it only gave 55-75 Min/Max Intensity. Now at GM Magery, you can achieve 55-75 intensity, at 110 you can achieve 55-85 intensity, and at 120 you can achieve 55-100 intensity.
    + Exceptionally crafted spellbooks can now be attuned to further increase their properties. (For example, give a spellbook +40 luck.)
    + Attunements can be now be crafted in the Inscription Menu under 'Other'.

    New System - Dungeon Control
    + Guilds will now be able to venture forth into Dungeons and capture them for a max time of 6 hours before they automatically relinquish control.
    + In order to capture a Dungeon, a person in a Guild must venture into a Dungeon and find the Capture Altar, and stand on it for 10 minutes. If you are interrupted, your timer will pause until you go back on it again. If someone from a different guild steps foot on the altar, the timer will reset.
    + When a Dungeon is captured, a flag will spawn outside of the Dungeon displaying the information of the Guild that has captured it.
    + At any time, an opposing Guild can contest and capture the Dungeon Control Altars resulting in their Guild having control of the Dungeon and Buffs.
    + When a Guild has captured a Dungeon, they and their allied guilds will obtain the following buffs:
    200 Luck
    20% Gold Drop Increase from Monsters
    20% More XP awarded as Guild XP from killing a mob.

    These buffs are HALVED for allied guilds.

    New Instanced Dungeon - Trial Of Elementals
    + A new tear in the fabric of reality has been discovered leading to the Trial of Elements. Here, you will face off against 5 high powered bosses in, each one getting progressively harder, and must claim their skulls to activate the altar and call down Volatic.
    + Voltaic will sell 5 items of the list of items randomly in his shop. You can only purchase one of them at a time, and he will not restock his wares. They are gold sink items and you will be required to do the dungeon entirely over again in order to purchase more items. The recommended amount of people for these is 5 to 10 people.
    + Each boss has entirely different abilities that will make the course of the entire fight even harder.
    + Lastly, as time progresses, the tear through reality will begin to become unstable, causing the floor tiles in each bosses room to seize to exist. You'll need to complete each room relatively quickly in order to complete the dungeon. As the tiles are lost, it will become much harder to defeat the bosses, if not impossible.
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