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    Publish 1.8

    + Fixed issues with house placement being too near to trees, etc.
    + Added a floor to the tent in the Gypsy Caravan House.
    + Modified fences and gates on Towers.
    + Update Securable items implementation.
    + Update Secure Access UI
    + Fixed Secure Access issue with Guild Officer Rank

    + Fixed a bug that allowed the Achievement Blessed Nightmare to be ride-able.
    + Fixed a bug that caused the owner of a pet to be revealed even if a friend of the pet issued the order.

    + Fixed an issue with Guild Missions not properly refreshing.
    + Added 12 new Guild Companion Missions.
    + Added 4 generic no cooldown missions.
    + Increased the resource yield for several missues.
    + Dramatically lowered the gathering daily/weekly quest requirements.
    + Modified other various daily/weekly quests.
    + Added Guildstone purchase-able from the Provisioner for 50k gold.


    + Updated Multiverse SDK (Portal)
    + Fixed an issue with core region sector iteration.
    + Improved gateway communications.

    + Fixed issues with explosion potions dealing no damage in certain contexts.
    + Creatures (excluding pets) will automatically negate all spell and damage effects when their AI deactivates.
    + Food can now hold the maker's mark.
    + "I wish to duel" will now negate all spell effects at the end of a duel.
    + Hireable Beggars can now teach the Begging skill.
    + Begging from vendors no longer relies on how much gold they have in their packs.
    + Additional loadouts functionality.
    + Added new Dice Roll command that will let you roll dice in Party or Guild chat ( [roll and [groll )
    + Added 50+ new Decoration Artifacts.
    + Resolved an issue that caused the Bandage Timer in [mystats to display incorrectly.
    + Increased Base Speed for Composite Bows from 25 to 32 to allow the possibility to obtain 1.5s swing speeds at 30 SSI and 180 Stam.
    + Jewelry will now spawn with less chances of having + Skill.
    + Implement Delete Confirmation attribute for staff.
    + Improved object collision detection for vehicles.
    + Improved pathing and movement for vehicles.
    + Fix for erroneous XML Spawner packet overrides not calling the successor handlers.
    + Fixed Black Staves not appearing in the Crapentry Craft Menu.
    + Increased Magic Resist on Energy Vortexes.

    Champ Spawns
    + When killing a champion, the player who receives the skull will be granted a 500 Guild XP Bonus. If no skull is received by a player and falls on the corpse, no Guild XP will be awarded.

    Weekly Events
    +Normalized Weekly PvP events to spawn at their respective times an will no longer be a few minutes late.

    + Lowered MAX Material Bribery cost from 3.25 Mil to 1.85 Mil for Blacksmithy LBOD.
    + Lowered MAX Quantity Bribery cost from 1.75 Mil to 950k for Blacksmithy LBOD.
    + Lowered Exceptional Quality Bribery cost from 1.25 Mil to 750k for Blacksmithy LBOD.
    + Lowered MAX Material Bribery cost from 750k to 425k for Blacksmithy SBOD.
    + Lowered MAX Quantity Bribery cost from 550k to 325k for Blacksmithy SBOD.
    + Lowered Exceptional Quality Bribery cost from 325k to 250k for Blacksmithy SBOD.
    + Lowered MAX Material Bribery cost for Leather from 2.5 Mil to 2 Mil for Tailoring LBOD.
    + Lowered MAX Quantity Bribery cost for Leather from 1.25 Mil to 925k for Tailoring LBOD.
    + Lowered Exceptional Quality Bribery cost for Leather from 1 Mil to 750k for Tailoring LBOD.

    + Added a new Raffle System in the game capable of handling multiple raffles using Gold, Shards, and Silver as the currencies. This will be used as a future system to do weekly/monthly auctions.

    AFK Detection
    + We have upped our AFK detection algorithm and added UI improvements.
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