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AOS Desolation Launching 1/4/20!

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Hello amazing Multiverse community!   As many of you have heard over the last few months… We are currently working on a brand new shard idea called “Desolation” – targeting the AOS ruleset.   For those of us that have been AOS fans for the past decade in the freeshard community… AOS is commonly a server […]

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As you may have heard,   We have finally transitioned our T2A shard into UOR expansion and our AOS shard into the ML expansion. This was done for a number of reasons, including trying to bring back much of the playerbase.   These shards are currently considered to be in a Open Beta phase (all […]

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Hey folks!   What an amazing month we’ve had since launch! We’ve managed to break an Ultima Shards record with 205 players online in the last month!   Just wanted to thank the community for an amazing first month of launch.  You guys have been an absolute blast! Hopefully we can continue this trend and […]

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